Kids are placed into foster care because of varying levels of abuse and neglect. They are removed from their homes in a moments notice 24/7/365, usually with the clothes on their backs and whatever can be thrown into a bag. 

AFS caseworkers receive calls from partnering counties stating a youth/s must be placed immediately. Caseworkers start making calls (many times in the middle of the night) to all eligible foster homes until a placement can be found.

AFS helps secure resources for foster parents once a child is placed. The youth comes into the home with very few personal belongings so AFS and foster parents team-up to purchase clothing, shoes, school supplies, backpacks, etc. While county contracts pay for basic needs (food, shelter, medical expenses), it is up to the foster parents and AFS to cover any additional costs. We feel it is important that all youth have the opportunity to participate in enrichment activities like sports, art, dance and summer camp. In additions to helping the youth feel "normal" these activities are very therapeutic.   

100% of donations directly provide critical needs and resources for AFS clients. Please donate and spread the word!
AFS is a foster care, mental health and adoption agency that serves foster youth ages 0-21 - Learn about AFS.
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AFS is once again participating in a 24hr Give-a-thon called the Big Day of Giving. You may donate any hour on May 3rd between midnight - 11:59pm. However, if you donate through the AFS giving page during the two times below AFS could win prize/grant money that will benefit the foster youth we care for.
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Thank you Sacramento Community Foundation for hosting the Big Day of Giving!
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How Your Donation Can Help Foster Youth

  • $40 buys ONE backpack and supplies
  • $400 sends TWO foster youth to camp 
  • $4000 provides TWENTY hours of 1-1 mentoring / outings with caseworkers
  • $40,000 helps ONE HUNDRED aging-out foster youth find stable housing and life-long connections
  • Donate @ MIDNIGHT (12am on Th May 3rd) and AFS could win $1,000 to benefit foster youth - click here to donate.
  • Donate between 6-7pm on Th May 3rd and AFS could win $1,000 to benefit foster youth - click here to donate.